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Audemat GOLDENEAGLE ATSCAudemat goldeneagle ATSC brochure
AUDEMAT ATSC MONITOR (formerly known as GOLDENEAGLE ATSC) is a powerful and professional yet affordable solution for ATSC signal monitoring. It can be deployed at the transmitter site for continuous monitoring or in the coverage area to collect field measurements. 

Audemat Relio, webex online demo

Audemat goldeneagle ATSC video demo

Key features

  • RF monitoring and MPEG2 monitoring from RF or ASI input (depending on the version)
  • Monitoring of up to 40 channels
  • Alarm management and monitoring for main parameters
  • Band scanning
  • Real time measurements, analysis, content display and recording
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Remote application and front panel display
  • Optional extended transmitter remote control capabilities: 3 slots available for I/O boards (max. 1 metering board)
  • ScriptEasy V2 and MasterView for I/O configuration and status visualization
  • Full IP communication: Ethernet as standard, Optional Modem
  • Using TCP/IP, AUDEMAT ATSC MONITOR is compatible with any SNMP based Manager such as Broadcast Manager
  • Coverage analysis with mobile metering rack and software for RF field test (option)


  • Track the real-time status of your signal 24/7/365
  • Instant notification of any out-of-tolerance condition
  • Automatic Scan alerts you to any potential sources of interference
  • Analyze recorded measurements and logs to track performance and identify trends
  • View what your audience views with audio/video streaming to your desktop
  • Access, configure & control all equipment at the transmitter site with remote control over TCP/IP
  • Reduce the costs of operation by combining RF and MPEG2 monitoring within the same unit