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Audemat Aztec Radio

RDS encoding

Thousands of world-class Audemat RDS encoders are installed worldwide.

Fully compliant with the CENELEC EN50067 RDS standards, the FMB range includes the entry-level FMB10, as a static RDS encoder and the FMB80 complete dynamic RDS encoder.

New features of FMB80 encoder range include PS scrolling and Radio text message display.

The RDS encoder Silver is dedicated to small and medium size radio stations.


Audio processing

The sound processing range has been extended in 2007.

The Audio processing Silver 4Bmini FM includes a multi-band Automatic Gain Control (AGC) with intelligent gating, a multi-band limiter and an anti-distortion multi-band clipper.

The FMX480 Digiplexer is a "4 in 1" composite signal generator that includes all the following functions in a unique 19" rack: sound processor, digital stereo generator, RDS encoder and digital composite clipper.

The FMX410 Digiplexer intergrates the same functions but a static RDS encoder.

The Digiplexer 2/4 is the first of a new generation of products which includes digital audio processors, a stereo encoder plus additional innovative features such as an RDS encoder, embedded audio backup and TCP/IP connectivity at an amazingly affordable price.



For FM rebroadcasting, the RXR1 professional FM receiver answers the need for shadow area coverage, re-broadcasting in tunnels and re-broadcasting from over-the-air networks or satellite packages. It is also used to monitor received signals in control rooms.


Mobile mETEring

Mobile metering is the critical process of measuring your broadcast signal in the real world. The FM-MC4, Navigator 100, Silver Meter, Navigator HD allow you to get a true picture of your coverage and signal quality (GOLDENEAR) with accurate measurements and GPS location information. Measure the impact of changes in the broadcasting (transmission system, antennas or environment). Plot results into popular mapping software or Google earth, for a 3D representation of your coverage around existing field. Also available NAVIGATOR 100 without GPS for on site measurements of modulation, RDS analysis.


SIGNAL monitoring

GOLDENEAGLE FM, AM and HD and Silver Monitors are designed for permanent monitoring of the quality and continuity of analog and digital signal (AM, FM, HD) with automatic notification of out of tolerance conditions. Connected to a LAN/WAN or a simple analog phone line, Audemat monitors offer innovative functions such as remote monitoring, audio streaming/recording, automatic scanning, spectrum analysis and archiving of readings.

The Broadcast MANAGER is the ultimate total control solution for remote monitoring networks. It is a user-friendly web server system that can manage alarms, configurations, measurements and data from any GOLDENEAGLE, IP2CHOICE, RELIO and Silver monitoring or remote control solutions.


TX remote control

IP2CHOICE is the ideal remote control choice for monitoring all conditions on the transmitter site. It also helps save money by taking corrective actions automatically, without requiring staff to travel to the site. Building the script and configuring the equipment, as well as visualizing inputs/outputs status, is made easier with the user-friendly interface SCRIPTEASY.



Audemat offers the Test and Measurement standard for FM with its Navigator Modulation Analyzer incorporating an entirely digital demodulator.