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HQSound Processor

Audemat Audio processor silver brochure
The HQSound Processor (formerly known as Digiplexer) is the first HQSound® audio processor. Using the latest multi-band DSP technology, it provides up to 2.8 gigaflops of processing power for FM and HD format.


Audemat Audio processing presets



  • HQSound Processing
  • Gated Automatic Gain Control
  • 4 Parametric Equalizers

    Audemat digiplexer 2/4 award 2007

  • Dynamic Bass and Trebble Enhancers
  • Stereo Enhancer and Limiter
  • Multiband compression
  • Multiband Gating and Expander
  • Sound Impact System
  • Multiband Limiters
  • 1.5MHz FM limiter
  • Virtual MPX Limiter
  • Simultaneous HD Limiter
  • MPX Power Limiter (ITU412-BS)