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Audemat FMB80 RDS Encoder Front panelAudemat RDS encoder FMB 80 brochure

The world leader in RDS/RBDS, Audemat is a pioneer in this technology and has played an active role in the RDS forum since its inception. Our RDS encoders are used on every continent and are the most accepted brand throughout the world. With more than 20 years of RDS experience and over 12,000 units sold, we can guarantee our encoders will be the most efficient RDS solution for your station.

RDS stands for Radio Data System, worldwide standard (IEC 62106) to transmit information over a 57 kHz FM subcarrier. RBDS or Radio Broadcast Data System is the standard adopted in the US (NRSC-4A). This system is compatible with radio and car receivers from major manufacturers and can be used with industrial receivers for specific and proprietary applications.

Why is FMB80 RDS encoder our top seller?
The FMB80 RDS Encoder is fully compliant with the RDS/RBDS standards, supports all groups and features of the standards and offers TCP/IP connectivity.
The FMB80 can be easily connected to your automation software for automatic display of song titles, artist names and much more on receivers (if allowed by your regulation authority). The FMB80 RDS Encoder may be controlled through an embedded web server accessible through a 10BaseT Ethernet port on the unit.
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Audemat’s FMB80 now supports RT+ for interactive radio applications and content tagging

Watch the video below or follow the link for further information
Audemat RDS encoder FMB80 RT+
Going full circle: RT+ allows listeners to interact with the radio station and offers an opportunity to generate additional revenue


Key features

  • Synchronization from an external 19 kHz source or automatic switch to an internal clock
  • Modification of injection level from 1 to 3199 mV in 1mV steps via software or a remote command
  • Adjustable subcarrier phase
  • Possibility to remotely enable/disable RDS/RBDS SCA via ASCII or UECP command
  • Configuration for bypass mode or loop-through operation (FMB10 and FMB80)
  • High quality power supply


  • Easy configuration with standard UECP protocol or Audemat ASCII commands
  • Basic RDS and Audemat extended features (Scrolling PS for receivers that do not support radiotext)
  • Fully-RDS compliant (FMB80 only) with ODA (TMC, RT+, EWS …)
  • IP connection (FMB80 only) for complete remote access to the unit
  • Fully compatible with any automation software
  • High quality and spectral purity