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Audemat RDS encoder FMB50Audemat RDS encoder FMB 80 brochure
Audemat’s FMB50 is a new RDS encoder designed specifically for radio stations and broadcasters who wish to engage listeners with a RT/PS scrolling experience or to exploit the interactive functionality offered by RT+.

Based on the same solid hardware as the best-selling FMB80 with its unrivalled reputation for reliability, quality and functionality, the new FMB50 is available at a highly affordable price point and can be easily upgraded should you require more extensive functionality in the future.

Audemat is widely considered as leaders in the field of RDS/RBDS with over 12,000 units installed worldwide and all our RDS encoders are fully compliant with the RDS/RBDS standards.

Audemat RDS encoder FMB50 RT+
Going full circle: RT+ allows listeners to interact with the radio station and offers an opportunity to generate additional revenue


  • Proved and reliable hardware, FMB80 platform (24/7/365 design)
  • General radio application:
    • Station identification & information
    • Traffic announcement
    • RDS retuning
  • Broadcasters application:
    • Clock time
    • Remote control via RDS
    • Program schedule
  • Advanced application:
    • RT+ for interactivity.
  • Firmware upgrade to FMB80 version to extend possibilities 
  • Free application, FMB RDS viewer,  to visualize broadcasted data.
  • Attractive price


  • Send timely & relevant information to your listener base
  • Offer interactive radio to engage your listeners & improve loyalty
  • Change Scrolling PS & RT messages based on time & date
  • Access and control the encoder securely from anywhere via the web browser
  • Simple configuration with standard UECP protocol or Audemat ASCII commands
  • See what your listeners can see with the RDS Viewer

Audemat’s FMB50 dedicated to support RT+ for interactive radio applications and content tagging

Watch the video below or follow the link for further information