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The FMB80 is fully compliant with the RDS/RBDS encoders standards, supports all groups and features of the standards and offers TCP/IP connectivity.


FMB50 RDS encoder has been designed specifically for broadcasters who wish to exploit the interactive functionality offered by RT+

RDS Encoder Silver

The RDS Encoder Silver offers the most popular RDS functions  at an exceptional Price/Quality ratio. Delivered with a quick setup guide and a connection diagram, the RDS Encoder Silver is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface (easily useable by non technical staff). It can be connected to automation software in order to display artist name and song title on FM/RDS receivers.

HQSound Processor

The HQSound Processor (formerly known as Digiplexer) is the first HQSound® audio processor. Using the latest multi-band DSP technology, it provides up to 2.8 gigaflops of processing power for FM and HD format.


Simplify Your SNMP Monitoring with our easy-to-use management tool

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